Smartphone game "Mikonate Heart (CV: CV: Saito Ayuma), Nishihara Kanon (CV: Lynn), Sakura Len (CV: CV: Yoshigahara) Singing Singing Song" IRReplaceable Note "released!

Doricom Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa Ward, Representative Director, Representative Director, President, Below, Dolicom) for smartphone "Miconate" Sometime Song "IRReplaceable Note" of Mikonate " I knew it.

Doricom Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa Ward, Representative Director, Representative Director, President, Below, Dolicom) for smartphone "Miconate" Sometime Song "IRReplaceable Note" of Mikonate " We will inform you.

"Miconate" is Korea Mobile Game Development Company Madorca Inc. (Head Office: Headquartered Seoul City, CEO: Na Jiung,: Here, Madorca) is developed, and Dolicom has conducted publishing work and development cooperation in Japan.

● "Miconate" official site URL: ● "Miconate" Official YouTube Channel URL:

# Theme Song MV "IrReplaceable Note" will be released! ! Lyrics are Yoshiya Ira!

The theme song MV "Mikonate" MV "Irreplaceable Note" has been released on the official YouTube channel.

Singing is the main Miko, Tiano Yumi (CV: Saito Yukatsu), Nishihara Kanon (CV: Lynn), Sakurasa Len (CV: CV: Yoshigahara) is in charge. The lyrics also conducted artist activities, and I was able to write down to the world's view of works, who are active in the theme songs and image songs of the game and the theme song of the game.

In addition, I will publish a movie comment that Saito Yukata, Mr. Lynn, Mr. Lynn, Mr. Sakaihara, and Mr. Lynn, and Mr. Lynn, and Mr. Saigahara, will be exposed to the music tomorrow. As you see the viewing of the world of "Mikonate" by watching together, please take a look.

"IRReplaceable Note" Overview

Singing: Amano Yumi (CV: Saito Ayuma), Nishihara Kanon (CV: Lynn), Sakurazawa Len (CV: Masahara) Lyrics: Yuki Ira Composition: Takumi Kimura Arrangement: EFFY (FirstCall)

● [Miconate] Theme Song MV "Irreplaceable Note" URL: V = k_jwmalhhqw ● "Miconate" Official YouTube Channel URL:

# 35 (Miko) Shrimp campaign is being implemented!

In commemoration of the release decision, the title "Mikonate" and the heroine are "Miko = Maiden", and "Miko = 35" is underway campaign.

# # SSR Fixed Gacha tick, pre-registration campaign

We will present in-game items according to the number of pre-registered people. As of January 31, I have a top 100,000 people. All achievement reward items can be received in the game at the start of the game.

▼ Pre-registration is still accepted! ! ◎ Pre-registration period: Acceptance-until service start ※ The period may change without notice.

◎ Pre-registration method · Pre-ordered by App Store: https: // · Pre-registration in Google Play: ID = · Follow the "Miconate" official account @Mikonote_JP ( in Twitter. • Book Top 10 ( E-mail registration.

# # # 35 times! Miki and present campaign is being held

If you follow the official Twitter and retweet, you will hold a campaign that the cast-on sign color paper and Amazon gift cord and Amazon gift code will be held 35 times in total from Mikida-Miko.

Please check the official Twitter account ( for details.

# "Miconate" story

-It at the roof with maiden

When the hero woke up, there was one girl there. If you overlook around, it looks like a room of the shrine.

She said that girls said "Yumi" and she said that she was a maiden who serves this shrine. And she also encounters "Kanon" and "Ren" that is the same maiden.

Losing her memory and does not go, the hero will have her goodness and you will be given herstery.

-Gyes who carry a variety of fate

A monster appeared before the eyes of the main character, who began to feel the goodness of her comfort. Miko who is going to stand off and defeats monsters.

Mikas told the hero who can not swallow the situation.

"We are alive to protect people from Noroy's hand". Was that calm day? Where is the truth of this world?

-This is a story that finds daily life.

# "Miconate" overview

Heaven Burns Red Gameplay - RPG Android IOS

MadorCA is developed, and Dolicom is a smartphone game that is responsible for publishing and development cooperation in Japan. Under the concept of "Otome and one roof", you can enjoy living with maidens drawn in 3D.

"This light novel is great!" (Takarajima Co., Ltd.) I won the first place in 2009 and two consecutive years in the illustrator sector, and I am appointing Shirobi as a main illustrator.

● "Miconate" official site URL:

Title: Mikonate Heart Release Type: Fantasy Release Time to Spell Everyday (fiscal 2021) Nazuki (fiscal 2021) Correspondence platform: iOS / Android Price: Basic Play Free (Game charge) Development: Madorca Inc. Delivery, Development and Development and Operation: Drew-Com Distribution Country: Japan Copyright notice: © Madorca Inc. © Drecom Co., Ltd. ● "Miconate" Official Site URL:


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