Mabinogi Heroes, `Episode 5: Written by the Sun`s Update

Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un) updated its online action RPG 'Making Heroes (less than the Making Heroes (Meijeonjeonjeon)' the fourth season 'episode 5: the solar' of the Sun '.

Through this, we opened a new 110 level raid battle 'Death Diameter' to 'Tarawa Raise'. Here, we defeat the 'Rome' and the first time the Wang 'Milled' is unfolded in front of the heroic party heading to the goddess Maya.

Milled that handle the transcendent power of humans are the right hand 'CIO' and the left hand 'staff' and the 'staff' of the left hand. In particular, it dominates the battlefield with a variety of attacks in the battle during the battle, and to the mid-party's power, opened the 'ominous flame' by opening the 'ominous flame' by opening the 'misogynous flame' by opening the 'misogynous flame'.

Nixon commemorates this update, up to 20, 'Death Diameter' Reid Combat Added Adjustment (1), and until 27th, Coupon (1) will be paid.

The acquired coupon is available in games such as 100% Enchantment Box, '100% Enchantment Box', '+13 River Resurrection Restoration Boxing' It can be exchanged as an item.

Video Gameplay Promote : Mabinogi:Heroes New Raid Boss Thunder Dragon and Ice Dragon

For more information on 'Making Heroes' game, see the official website.


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