LOL: Recreate competitive games with your friends thanks to this website full of compositions

Would you like to play the world final of 2021, or at least you want? Put on the Edward Gaming boots, or in those of Damon Kia playing with his compositions? What seemed like something that only few could do now is possible thanks to lollops.GG, a web created by fans and encoded by users for generate alignments and compositions of equipment of the Competitive scene of League of Legends. Either for fun, to revive an incredible end or, more generally, to try to understand why this or that champion is chosen in a draft, this is without a doubt the site you need to start the 2022 season with good foot and stomped games you only or with friends.

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Play as professionals or not

This website allows us to look for a particular team and find all the compositions (or at least a very important part) that have played along the competitive circuit during the last years, as the example we have left just above with G2 ESPORTS FOR Try to understand The project and strategy they did Perez and company during the end of the worlds in 2019 against Fun plus Phoenix.

However, if you are more than one player, and you want to play with your friends, you can also try the re-roll (something similar to what happens in TFT) to obtain a random composition that, however, He has played professionally. However, you have to be careful, since some of them date out of the Era of Moscow5 and may not be updated. Finally, if you play as professionals do not care, lollops.GG allows you to generate compositions by topic or event, whether champions of the same region or have one or more common features. You can even add a total mode random, which will be one of the greatest follies with which you will play in League of Legends.

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