Kingdom Hearts: Is a hotel room important for the story?

The Tokyo Disney Resort has been offering a room in the style of the colorful JRPG series Kingdom Hearts since the beginning of this year. Therein is a mysterious object that already provides various story theories in the community.

What is this mysterious item?

Kingdom Hearts celebrated his comeback in the last two years with Kingdom Hearts 3 and Melody of Memory and soon his 20th anniversary . Disney also gives the JRPG series more attention: Recently, the Tokyo Disney Resort has a hotel room based on Kingdom Hearts. In addition to a detailed device and goodies a secret object was announced. (Source: Tokyo Disney Resort)

The Twitter user @aitaikimochi has visited the magical room and reports on Twitter. Although it is not allowed to show photos or videos from the mysterious object due to an embargoes until 28 April 2022, but it is apparently allowed to talk about it.

Apparently it is a slightly changed version of a keyword. While the keyschwert memoir (seen in the picture) opens the door to the hotel room, contains the chest the star-depring Zachary , which is created in the games by Kara's Remainder as a trailer. Unlike the games, the star-pendant pendant has a blue Pop fruit on both sides and a golden circle in the middle . In addition, Sort's face is missing on it. (Comparison: Kingdom Hearts Wiki)

@ ietaikimochi does not believe that this is a production error because the keycharship is highly processed and otherwise quite detailed.


Fan theories to the next game

Among the many tweets from @aitaikimochi to the mysterious racehorse can be found as many theories of fans. A guess is that aqua may receive the keyword. Your pendant is similar to a blue Pop fruit.

A spin-off game where Kara takes over the main role , would be conceivable. In English, the keyword star stream Oath keeper and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory ends with the words Oath to Return .

Another theory is that it may be a key switch from another reality. What is meant Squatum, where Sort fights the secret boss Sonora in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind .

Is the hotel room Storyrrelevant?

It sounds absurd, but on the other hand: It's Kingdom Hearts. As if the story was not complex enough, Square Enix and KM Creator Betsy Nora have not made a favor, Storyrrelevant spin-offs appear on different platforms allow. For example, the child GO HEARTS UNION X, available for mobile devices, opened a completely new strand of action, which in turn was not unimportant for the main action and especially the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. Most recently appeared The Rhythm Game Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, which continued the main action.

So if a mysterious object is located in a high-quality-processed chest in a Disney hotel in Tokyo - and also really there - and also there is an embargo, which prohibits people publicly to present this item, then the typical Kingdom Hearts and You can assume that might be relevant for the action .

Soon we are all smarter if on April 10, 2022, the anniversary event takes place .