Halo Infinite Season 2 will give players free money in the game

Halo infinite has announced a new plan that will give players free money in the game just by playing. Yes, instead of having to continually invest the money that cost so much to win in halo infinite to buy items in the game market, 343 Industries will begin to grant credits that can be obtained through the game. And although this update is not configured to be done in Halo Infinite for a little more time, this move will surely make many fans happy.


In a new message in the Halo infinite forms this week, the community administrator of 343, John Junyszek, revealed that the study has been reflecting on the changes that could be made in the store in the future. While some modifications will be made in the store this week (i.e., with lower prices), Junyszek also said that the credits will begin to be granted later this year. Thanks to the continuous comments of him, we are pleased to confirm that credits can be obtained at the battle pass of season 2, Junyszek declared. That means you can earn credits as part of your infinite progression. We will have more to share about this as we get closer to season 2.

For now, obviously many questions are about how this system will be implemented in Halo infinite. How many credits can be obtained in the battle pass? And these credits will be different from the real money credits that players can currently buy? Again, we will not have these answers up within a couple of months, but the fact that this feature is added to Halo Infinite The free multiplayer mode is definitely not something bad.

The only thing we know with certainty is that HALO INFINITE Season 2 will not start up close to summer. Although it was originally supposed that season 1 would only last a couple of months, 343 announced close to the launch of the game that would continue until May 2022. So, as we get along this window, we should start listening to much more about these winning. Credits

Until then, Halo Infinite can be played right now at Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. You can also consult our own revision of the last entry into the long-term shooting franchise here.


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