DC Universe Online distributes WYEXPIONA, END

Battle Rating is the major coefficient from which the entire game depends on after reaching the maximum degree of experience. Without the best CR, you will not enter circumstances, rally or can not make quests (CR 310 is virtually END-GAME, the most effective personalities in DUO are currently 320-350 CR).

What is CR? To Deal with Ranking, which determines the power of our Equipment and on this basis defines Enforcing of our character. The even more the much better.

800 These gifts consist of: Bleed Product, Episode 41 Posters (Base Items), Episode 42 Posters (Base Items) as well as one of the most crucial — cost-free promo of our personality on CR 310 + Clothing on the character inspired by Led Corp Salvation.

On the event of the 11th birthday of DC Universe Online, Daybreak Game Studios distributes — all players — Gifts worth $50, that is, 200 zlotys.

Just how to advance our character?

Details right here .

CRUCIAL: for numerous months DC Universe Online Functions in a full-floppy free-to-play system. All previous enhancements/ DLC (and there were more than 40) have been made offered totally free to all players. This suggests that the contents of the drop-down game from 2011 encounters the opening.

The deal lasts only till January 31.