Cacao Games, 'Odin: False Rising'

Key Games (Representative CHO Byung-hyun) is a masterpiece of the development of the Lion Heart Studio (representative Kim Jae-young) (Representative Kim Jae-young) 'Odin: Ballad (' Odin ') of the Serviced Services' ongoing event, did.


First, the service is in 200 days, Special events of Coins and provide a variety of 'summoning rights' and compensation for users who have accessed the game until 16. Also, until 19, 'Dungeon & Dungeon Event', pay additional 'Dungeon Ticket'.

In addition, we present up to 2,000 guild coins for users who performed 'Guild Coin Mission Events', which will proceed to 26 days.

In addition, the 'Rural Society System' was improved in order to mitigate PK (player Kill) that is indiscriminately within the server. Through this update, we have added a 'penalty' to the existing 'slayer' score, and the penalty step is to provide a more powerful disadvantage and prevents the 'massacre' that causes the uncomfortable to be disadvantaged.

Here, the 'automatic artifacts' system' was introduced to allow users to earn artifacts.

In 2021, the Games of the Korean Honorary Award Winner 'Odin' is ▲ Unreal Engine 4 and 3D scanning, the best graphics using the Motion Capture technology, ▲ The worldview of Nordic myths, ▲ Open World, ▲, ▲, ▲, ▲ It is a large-scale content such as a large-scale war, which offer an explosive combat pleasure, and it is hot and popular.

Information on the cross-multi-platform game 'Odin: Ballad Rising', which can be enjoyed on both mobile and PC, 'Odin official homepage' and KakaoTalk channel, and Cacao Games Official YouTube channel.