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Already last year Amazon Prime customers were able to secure perfect games for zero tariff again and again. Just think of the strong November with Control, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Rise of the Tomb Raider. And in 2022 it could go straight to. At least the January offer looks really delicious.

Prime gaming highlights in January 2022

In the next few weeks you can secure a whopping nine games for free via Prime Gaming, including some highlights that you can have a lot of fun.

Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order for Origin

In the Test of Jedi: Falling Order wrote colleague Matthias at that time:

Yes, Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order is not a perfect game. Especially the end, actually very appealing story, then has a bit disappointed. But that's not so important to me, I'm just glad that I'm just glad that I was again able to experience a real solo adventure in the Star Wars Universe — complete without any frills. The thirsty stretch until here was just too long. So beautiful, of course, that the game also damn a lot of fun. The mixture Challenging fighting, interesting worlds and great puzzles makes me immerse me excellently in this star-Wars world. Nice for connoisseurs like me, of course, the allusions and references to already known history and events from other media. But I think it's fine that developers do not use these fan service elements too often and prefer to concentrate their own place in the universe to establish them. That's them on each N case succeeded. The valuation finding is not easy for me in this game. With remote fan glasses, it is not enough for more, but as a hardcore Star Wars fan you can count on a point on it.

Total was: Warhammer for Epic Games Store

In the test of TOTAL was: Warhammer Peter touched it as follows:

Total was: Warhammer leaves a lot away, which was expected as a fan one of the two brands. However, I have no problem with if sea fields are only orchestrated and siege no longer involves the whole city. Because the workforce saved so saved is Creative Assembly in the core thicknesses of totally had set — and that you realize. The computer opponents behave clever, the usual coarse dropouts did not notice me this time. To do this, the lap mode is simply pleasant and liquid to play, even if of course not the complexity of a civilization is achieved. But for that, the famous real-time battles, in which one employs the interaction of the many fantastic units long.


Two Point Hospital for Amazon Games App

Matt had in the test a lot of fun with the hospital simulation:

As I have already written in the preview of Two Point Hospital, I am a big fan of building simulations with a certain wire factor. Here I have to say that Two Point Studios have done whole work — and not only in graphical terms. It makes it I am also fun to watch the ways of my patients and employees and thus optimize my hospital. Maybe I should relocate research and marketing to another building, so that the most important treatment rooms are close to each other? Is it really Strange that I have several carters who can hold both devices in stand and are still friendly to the patients? Exactly these and similar questions ensure that I could hardly leave my fingers of Two Point Hospital after 25 hours of playing time. Just as beautiful I found that the first levels explain all the important features of the game and that the operation is very comfortable Au drops. Anyone who wants as a former theme hospital fan lust for a new round or as a genre once wants to try a build-up simulation with a lot of humor is more than good with Two Point Hospital!

All free games in January 2022

In addition to the three games mentioned above, you can secure six more games for free until February. Here is the complete list:

Star Wars Jedi: Falling Order — Origin, until 2 February Total was: Warhammer — Epic Games, until 1 February World was Z: Aftermath — Epic Games, until February 7th Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered — until 1 February WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship — until 1 February Abandon Ship — until 1 February Paper Beast: Folded Edition — until 1 February Two Point Hospital — until 1 February In Other Waters — until 1 February



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