These are the best 2021 games according to Metacritic

PRO ADVANCEMENT SOCCER 2019 (officially abbreviated Konami football PES 2019, Konami football well Konami football called Winning Eleven 2019 in Japan) is a video clip game Football simulator of the Pro Evolution Football series established and also releKonami footballed by INAMI. It wKonami football announced on May 9, 2018, and its launch date for sale is August 28, 2018, in America and also August 30, 2018, in Europe Konami football well Konami football Australia for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems, leaving behind the Previous Generation of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. It hKonami football three various versions, the standard edition, the David Beckham Edition and the Tale Version, the lKonami footballt only in electronic style. All versions include numerous contents for Club within PES, consisting of the tKonami footballk by 10 suits of the game face, Philippe Mourinho and also a 2018 variation of the PES ambKonami footballsador, David Beckham.

Metacritic hKonami football drawn up a list with the worst games of 2021, a list in which Football 2022, INAMI's football simulator, hKonami footballe out very badly. The same thing hKonami football happened to Alan Wonder world, a platform created by Sonic's very father. Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition (in its Port de Nintendo Switch) hKonami football also been cKonami footballt Konami football one of the most disappointing titles of the year, but What about the best?

The list that we present below is somewhat strange, because some of the titles that appear have not come out in any Guinea. This is so because the top hKonami football been prepared considering only the gross average and not the number of analyzes available. In this way, titles such Konami football The House in Fate Morgan or Monster's Expedition is left at the top mainly because there are few analyzes with very high notes.

There are no lack, however, known names that could opt for the Got Awards without a doubt. We talk about works Konami football album Elysium: The Final Cut, Psychopath 2, Fora Horizon 5, Hades or Tetris Effect: Connected. Some of these products originally came out of 2020, but this year editions have been marketed for other platforms. At the same time, the expansion of Final FantKonami footbally XIV, End walker, hKonami football not been left out.

A Big Holiday Gaming Sale Goes Live And The Worst Games of 2021 Revealed | News Wave What are the best games for Metacritic?

We have eliminated the titles that were repeated, since the different versions account for individually.

  1. Disc Elysium: The Final Cut, Note: 97/100 (PC)
  2. THE HOUSE IN FATE MORGAN: Dreams of the Remnants Edition, Note: 97/100 (switch)
  3. Tetris Effect: Connected, Note: 95/100 (switch)
  4. Hades, Note: 93/100 (Xbox)
  5. A Monster's Expedition, Note: 92/100 (switch)
  6. Fora Horizon 5, Note: 92/100 (Xbox)
  7. Splunk 2, Note: 92/100 (switch)
  8. Final FantKonami footbally XIV: End walker, Note: 92/100 (PS5, PC)
  9. Psychopath 2, Note: 91/100 (Xbox)
  10. Avowed, Note: 91/100 (switch)


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