Star Wars The Acolyte: This actress is in conversation for the lead role

One thing is for sure: too few series, films and video games can not complain Star Wars fans really do not complain — even if the just announced Star Wars game Eclipse of Quantico Dreams, the makers of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human Just like the new add-on Legacy of the Sith for Star Wars: The Old Republic rather in the future.

First live action Female Sith?! The Acolyte cast its lead (Star Wars News) Even on the announced series Star Wars: The Acolyte, fans of science fiction epic are probably still to be patient, because a release date is not yet known. After all a few info appetizers, but already exists, and even if they do not make sure, they still make curious about the main course.

Who stands for the main role in Star Wars: The Acolyte to the debate?

As Variety reports, namely Amanda Steinberg should be in conversation for the main role of The Acolyte. The non-binary actress is especially known to have played in the tribute of Panel the young, but tough rue played.

Since then, however, Steinberg has also been proved in other films, for example in The Hate U Give or in The Darkest Minds. But Who Steinberg is embodied as a protagonist of the series can currently only be speculated.

What is it in Star Wars: The Acolyte?

All too much is not known about the history of The Acolyte. However, the producer Leslie Headland has already been expressed in an interview to the series and chattered a bit out of the sewing box. According to the Acolyte is at the time of the high republic, which is located about 200 years before the beloved main films and ended about 50 years before the events of the first part.

Headland continued to tell that she is from Part 1: The dark threat have been inspired and with her the main question is the focus on how it came to the events of the main movies. Also, secret dark powers should play an important role. Unfortunately, there is no appointment for the Disney Plus series.

Source: variety

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