[Limited time free] Generated magic puzzle action Mistralian magician EPIC GAMES Store started

The free delivery of Boreal Games Development Action Adventure Australia Mages of Australia at the EPIC Games Store is launched for a limited time until 1 am on December 29 rice field.

This game is a single play work that develops from the perspective point of view.

The stage is the Australian kingdom that Magic was forbidden by the master of the predecessor. The player has a special magical talent, and as a girl Via, a haven who has been expelled by other magicians who have been banned by having failed to control magic on a day and fever fire in the village The land is feet, and it will be applied to the training trip to control the magic itself.

The best feature of this work is that you can create spells by playing using a spell book. The basic magic that emits fire, ice, thunder and land, multiplicities the characteristics such as move and homing, and cancels the environmental puzzle on the road with different behavior settings, or fight the enemy. The magic created can be changed immediately in the toggle format.

The Author of Dungeons & Dragons Campaign's & Dragons' Campaign Setting Four Cotton Realm is a creator of Dungeon's & Dragons, and Mr. Fantasy Writer Ed Greenwood, who is from Okinawa, who comes from Okinawa. Increase.

This free distribution title can be played unlimited after the procedure of obtaining it once. Please note that the holiday sales period has a short distribution deadline for each title.

Mages of Australia

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