Licensing procedure: capital requirements possible again

Due to the Corona pandemic and their effects, the licensing regulations were softened for the past season 2020/21. For the current season, then a review of economic performance was again taken place — now the criteria for the playing time 2022/23 should be exacerbated. As this year, there will be sanctions in misconduct, among other things, there may be capital requirements again compared to the previous year. This decided the clubs of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga as part of the general meeting of DFL on Tuesday.

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Six-point deduction for non-fulfillment

At the same time, however, it should be considered for possible economic consequences of the pandemic. Thus, in the event of a detected liquidity cover, the DFL should be able to set up to one of the candidates, which are then fulfilled by 15 September 2022. Actually, conditions are imposed in this case, which must be processed before the start of the season. In particular, possible take-out losses should be taken into account by the renewed (partial) exclusion of viewers in the course of the measures to combat the pandemic. If a club does not succeed within the time limit the liquidity gap, a point deduction of six points with immediate effect takes place in the season 2022/23. If a club is obliged to ensure the financing of the game operation until the end of the playing time, means in the DFL message.

In addition, in the difference in the previous season clubs in the licensing procedure for the season 2022/23 can be re-established capital and / or plan quality requirements, however, the capital requirements, however, due to the already existing economic constraints in modified form: negative equity must therefore not necessarily In any case, it must not be degraded significantly, says the DFL. The review of economic performance during the season will be carried out as usual from the end of October 2022, including the possible issue of conditions for closing any liquidity gap and the so-called transfer edition, which mature a club for proof of the fulfil lability of all until June 30th Liabilities from a transfer obliged before it is made.

Licensing process starts from 15 March

The licensing procedure will begin as usual on March 15, until then applicants must have submitted the necessary documents for the license. The DFL can then give conditions and / or conditions. A condition regulates that certain requirements must be fulfilled at a fixed date before the new season, thus — subject to the fulfillment of all other criteria — a license for the coming season can be granted at all. In the case of a circulation, however, it is determined which specifications are determined Subjected license must be complied with during the season, explains the DFL in a message.


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