ESO: As Homestead came, I knew: That's my main content, says Housing

The Elder Scrolls Online, abbreviated ESO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game (MMORPG) created by Animal Online Studios as well as published by Bethesda Soft works. It was launched for Windows and also OS X in April 2014. It is a part of the Elder Scrolls series. The game is set in the continent of Tamil and also includes a storyline indirectly linked with the other video games in the Elder Scrolls franchise. It had remained in development for 7 years prior to its release in 2014, with a required monthly membership design. It initially obtained blended reviews. Function improved considerably with the March 2015 re-release and also rebranding as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamil Unlimited, transitioning to a buy-to-play version with microtransactions and an optional subscription. It was launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in June 2015, as well as for PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Collection X/S in June 2021. Greater than 15 million duplicates were offered by 2020, having around 2.5 million regular monthly energetic players in 2017.

In the MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online there has been Housing since the Update 13 Homestead in 2017. Thus, a huge feature came to the game, which will continue to be served with new content. Regularly there are new homes and furnishing items. Mango author Miezemelli spoke to Fun's Housing Icon.

The Housing has been in ESO since 2017. Nevertheless, it is not an oil, old content. On the contrary, even the Housing blooms, the older ESO becomes and the more content coming. Especially the textures of setup items have improved enormously. Most recently, it was revived by the possibility of public guests to place.

Around the Housing has formed a large community since 2017

The Housing has even formed its own community. Setting up your own home, decorating and redesigning, has become a game in the game and always attracts attention to events or sweepstakes. Again and again, Bethesda even organizes housing competitions in which the players can live out their inner living space designers.

A well-known name in the Housing community is Rufus, which brings with lovingly designed homes or whole cities' enthusiasm into the community. We want to travel with her once through your Housing world and hear what the community is packing with Housing.

What was with you first, ESO or the Housing? I have been playing ESO since the beta and had no interruptions except for a short exam phase of 2 months. When Homestead came to this I knew: That will be my main content.

Where is the Housing Community most hardly meets? The community is quite big, and the interests go far apart. For example, I owned one's own Facebook group years ago, in which Housing enthusiasts come together, share their projects together and share themselves.

Even one or the other crafting inquiry runs within this group, and we are now over 1000 members. But also on my and various other discords you will always find housing areas or in game whole guilds that explicitly turn housing. Also, the streaming platform Twitch I moderate now as a meeting point.

Do you see a similar development as we have developed the housing with the game? Definitive! Since day 1, the Housing system has been enthusiastic about me. I can only speak for me, but I find that has developed a lot of incredibly much since Release. Be it the selection of items, the textures or the construction system itself.

These are the favorite building sites and houses of Rufus

What is your personal favorite home and the item? I actually prefer more empty land on which I can let out and unique buildings can be created. As an example, the rather gloomy property Surreal es Speckchchen in Halfhafen, which I have already rebuilt countless times.

But also the Moonzuckeraue in the northern Lower, I find a great plot. But when it comes to a property on which a house is already standing, I would actually decide for one of the Breton houses.

I can not name a single favorite one, but I can say that I am a fan of it, when with summery the first walls and floors came into play. Since then, I have been pleased by DLC to DLC that more and more components come to do with what you can make your own, individual house.

How many hours do you invest in a hounding project on average? I work at many projects at the same time. My inner swine dog always wants to reflect perfection in the projects, so my projects often arise over several months until I finally satisfy myself with the result.

My first little presidential suite

What are your current or recent projects? A few days ago I completed a smaller project that has challenged me creatively this time Andes. Normally, I always build great and extremely spacious, so there is a lot to see. But in this case I have inspired myself from the Housing Community and trying me on a completely new style for me.

In the small 100 item houses (with ESO + 200 items) Twin Bow I wanted to build a modern hotel room. The idea came to me because of another project, which I completed 2 years ago. I built a small port city in the Pick Villa, in which a hotel is among other things. The individual hotel rooms are unfortunately not accessible due to the item limit. So I thought to myself, I just build the hotel rooms in the smaller houses.

So a few days ago my first, modern, small presidential suite arose. The setting plays more in this day and do not have much to do with ESO anymore. Because in this suite there are next to modern furniture, which were assembled from individual parts, a large TV, an espresso machine and a stereo. I just wanted to try something completely new and am astonished how well that worked.

How do you finance your Housing? It's pretty expensive, so many gold bags empties. Next to the Housing, of course, I also play the other content that ESO has to offer. Through dungeon runs, raids or relaxed farming rounds, one or the other comes together for the gold bag. Due to the recurrent I am bankrupt status, my projects last longer than they would have to take. From time to time I get then a small gold, item or material donation, which in turn allows me to finish faster.

Do you use add-ons to set up? If yes, which? For building itself, I do not use add-ons anymore. In the past, I like to use the Add-on Essential Housing Tool to e.g. Walls at a certain angle to be able to align each other. With the introduction of precision processing, this tool is no longer necessary, and therefore I do not use this add-on anymore.

Which add-on I like to use and what I can no longer do without greater buildings, is Magic Carpet. It allows you to move freely in the house and to get to higher areas where you would not get there. For the roof construction, for example, normally requires a construct of plates and stairs to be able to move freely up there. But these costs, however, a number of items, which one may no longer have, because you have already arrived at the limit. The Add-on requires only a single item seat. You have to choose 1 item on which you want to fly.

Outlook 2022: That wishes Housing fans

What are your plans for 2022? My plans for 2022 are endlessly long. In order not to blow up here completely the framework, I would like to only want to go into two points that I personally care about:

1. That would be to finish my website. In the past, I had many attempts and again and again there was a problem with my side, all the work was over what was really frustrating for me. My private time I invest in this project is unfortunately very limited. For the new year, I brought a professional to build my website itself and I have the security that nothing is lost from all work. I am looking forward to that very much, and I'm curious how the whole thing will look at the end. The website should provide a contact point for the community that covers all questions about Housing. From information where you get which item, to initial questions in the Housing area, I would like to cover everything.

2 . The second larger project I want to tackle are competitions on Housing with and for the community. I have been on Twitch for a year and have already looked at several projects from the community. In the new year, I would like to call smaller challenges again and again and organize competitions that bring the winners a prize. Details are not fixed yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Is there something that does not suit you at the topic of Housing? In itself, I really like the Housing System in ESO. But there is certainly the one or the other thing that bothers me extremely and tug again and again to the nerves. That would be the item limit. Although I realize everyone here that a limitation is needed in favor of performance. If everyone suddenly might put 10,000 items in a house, that would not be wearable.

But I find the houses or land are getting bigger, and we never have the chance to set up the houses so that every corner looks nice. You have to constantly think of the item number and here and as some corners either cleverly assemble or ultimately leave it empty. Therefore, I find, should it be possible in the foreseeable future not to provide advanced items available, then the houses should also be smaller.

On the other hand, it bothers me a lot that we accumulate countless companions, ribs and Co. over time, but can only place a tiny number of them in the houses. That restricts one or the other project very much, where you could actually build a whole zoo as an example, but can put a maximum of 10 animals in the large houses and that was then. I think that's a pity.

Do you have special wishes in terms of the future on Housing? (or community wishes?) Yes! As already mentioned, the item limit is probably the desire for everyone from the community has ever expressed. But if we were at Wish you what, my personal list is quite long.

The wishes of the Housing community are quite uniform:

A free camera guide in the HousingEditor

The Elder Scrolls Online | Ultimate Beginner Housing Guide Scalability of objects (or at least bars, walls, floors, etc. in different sizes) If necessary, choose between multiple color / texture options for components A revision of the texture of the old items that came into play with Homestead

It would be very desirable if there would be more houses or empty properties that could be found and financed with gold. Because if you are honest, the huge Kronenshop houses look beautiful, but with the item limit they can never be 100% shaped.

For the fact that houses otherwise do not fulfill any purpose in ESO, the prince price of ~ 14,000 crowns is quite high and does not personally affect me for sale. On the contrary, it scares me rather because I know exactly, I will never be able to design this beautiful house according to my ideas.

And with these wishes, I can only connect. In these points, the community is also in my experience. I have already criticized the prices of the Kronenshop, because that does not affect only the Housing. This already very highlighted with particularly high crown amounts.

But where there is still room for improvement or what is not in ESO yet. In our article 9 things that the MMORPG ESO 2022 urgently need to bring, we talk about new ideas for the MMORPG next year.