Corona record in the Premier League: 103 cases in a week

Indonesia’s Covid crisis: Record case numbers leave healthcare system near collapse Within a week there was 103 Corona Falls in the Premier League — Record. It is the highest value in players and members of the care bars since the beginning of the tests in May 2020, as the league announced. Due to the many new infections, the league now tightened their corona rules. If only two quick tests per week were prescribed so far, then daily fast tests and two PCR tests per week are necessary. Also, in indoors, FORTRAN mask obligation. also lower leagues affected In addition to the Premier League, in England, the lower leagues are also affected by the spread of the high-started omicron variant — playing tags included: So far, twelve games had to be canceled on Tuesday or Wednesday. Make-up appointments in the already densely packed English game plan are already scarce.


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